Immersive Farming Experience


Virtual Crop Management

Manage your virtual farm with realistic crop growth and harvesting features. Experience the satisfaction of a bountiful harvest in SecondLife.

{{SERVICE1_SUBSERVICE_1}}Enriching HarvestsEnriching Harvests
{{SERVICE1_SUBSERVICE_2}}Real-Time Weather EffectsReal-Time Weather Effects
{{SERVICE1_SUBSERVICE_3}}Market Trading OpportunitiesMarket Trading Opportunities

Livestock Care

Raise and nurture virtual animals on your farm. Feed them, keep them healthy, and experience the joys and challenges of livestock management in a virtual world.

{{SERVICE2_SUBSERVICE_1}}Animal Breeding ProgramsAnimal Breeding Programs
{{SERVICE2_SUBSERVICE_2}}Veterinary ServicesVeterinary Services
{{SERVICE2_SUBSERVICE_3}}Livestock Shows and CompetitionsLivestock Shows and Competitions

Farm Infrastructure

Customize and build your farm infrastructures including barns, silos, and more with our detailed design tools. Create a unique farming environment in SecondLife.

{{SERVICE3_SUBSERVICE_1}}Building Custom FarmhousesBuilding Custom Farmhouses
{{SERVICE3_SUBSERVICE_2}}Landscape Design ServicesLandscape Design Services
{{SERVICE3_SUBSERVICE_3}}Irrigation and Water ManagementIrrigation and Water Management

Community Engagement

Interact with a community of fellow farmers. Join events, collaborate on projects, and share your farming experiences with like-minded individuals in Dirty Plots.

{{SERVICE4_SUBSERVICE_1}}Group Farming ActivitiesGroup Farming Activities
{{SERVICE4_SUBSERVICE_2}}Farmers’ Markets and ExposFarmers’ Markets and Expos
{{SERVICE4_SUBSERVICE_3}}Community Challenges and CompetitionsCommunity Challenges and Competitions
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